Our Partners


CEO Obras

Scope: Company specialized in the procurement and paper work with 25 years of experience in Tijuana and a Pioneer in the digitalization for construction and expansion permits and licenses. Construction legal services for Director Responsable de Obra (DRO licensed engineer), job supervision, appraisals, environmental reports, urban impact studies, property boundaries reports and all types of reports and studies required your building’s operations permit.

Goal: To be the first and best option for your buildings permit and operations needs. A one stop shop for legal construction requirements.

Liaison: 25 years of working together in the legal part of the project with personalized attention, efficiency and quick results.

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Peñuñuri Arquitectos

Scope: Nationally renowned architectural firm with unique, creative and eye catching designs that push the boundaries of structural engineering to achieve the architectural concept and subtlety combined it with the structure.

Goal: Make the clients dream come true with an integrated architectural and structural design that meets and surpasses the clients expectations

Liaison: 15 years of working together integrating architecture and structure with excellent results, complete and total client satisfaction with nation wide recognition.

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Winkel Baja/Hebel

Scope: Company specialized in the fabrication of ultra light and resistant concrete to replace conventional building materials [reinforced concrete and masonry] in bearing walls, partitions, facades and floor decks.

GoalBe the most economic and cost efficient in the development of your project with light and resistant materials that reduce the dead load, resulting in a more resisting and very cost efficient structure, walls and foundation. Also, it provides excellent thermal insulation for energy efficiency, acoustical insulation for more comfort by the users and a fire protection rating of 4 hours by UL certification for greater safety.

Liaison: 10 years of working together in different projects with great results, structural economy, energy efficiency and interior comfort by the client.

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